Glad We Did Not Go for Back Surgery As the First Thing to Try to Alleviate Pain

Our son was looking forward to a football career. He studies a subject that is intensely interesting to him, but he also intensely pursues football. When he was injured his senior year of high school, we thought he recovered just fine. Then one day he told me that his back was hurting all the time. We had him see our family doctor, an orthopedist, a neurologist and a surgeon. Every one of them had variations of a diagnosis and different recommended treatments. Our family doctor suggested we start with a San Rafael chiropractor he knows before we consider anything as radical as surgery.

The argument we all had against the surgery was the question of whether or not it would do any good at all, and whether or not it was actually necessary. There is that bias that if you cut into people for a living that you may think that cutting is the first thing to try to relieve pain. The surgeon was not considering our young son’s desire to be a professional football player. In fact, he pretty much told him to abandon that dream and focus on working a career associated with his major he was going to pursue in college.

It took about three months, but the adjustments, specific exercises and other therapies provided by the San Rafael chiropractor made the difference. The adjustments relieved almost all the pain, and the exercises, heat therapy, deep muscle massages and the electrical stimulation therapy of the muscles really helped. Our son has been playing football again without any extra discomfort. Of course there is going to be soreness and pains of bumps, scrapes and bruises as it just comes with the nature of the sport. However, he said his back is not causing him any problems anymore when he plays football. He said he does not wake up with that terrible ache in his back, and he is able to move like he did before the injury.